Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm so flippin' famous

I know it's been kind of a radio silence here since I got home. This site was put up for a specific purpose, a purpose that has kind of ended (obviously). I'm not ruling out posting here in the future when the mood strikes me, but I'm not going to be updating constantly. However, the hometown newspaper did write a feature on my trip, so I thought I'd link to it here. Having actually written a few newspaper articles in my day, I was a little wary of the entire thing, because I know how hard it is to give an accurate portrayal with the snippets you get from an interview. Michelle did a really excellent job, though, (as I knew she would, have worked under her tyrannical reign at the Warrior Spirit) and I was very pleased. The only tiny error would be that the orphanage is actually in Ve-Deme, within Ghana's Volta Region. If any Lebanonites/children of the freakin' editor of the paper have a chance to get me a hard copy, it'd be much appreciated.

Lebanon grad teaches in Ghana